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The flotilla in sailing boat was born right in the islands of Ionian Greece where for years the English, Dutch, Norwegians etc .. make their boat holiday in the company. For all our bareboat charter sailing boats, you can join in flotilla with our flagship sailboat.


But what is the Flotilla and why do Flotilla.

The flotilla is nothing more than a sailing boat cruise made up of some boats that sail in groups guided by a flotilla leader. You can decide to participate in a flotilla for several reasons. You can do it to stay in a group, because you want the company and you prefer to have a holiday where you know new people. Or maybe because you have rented a boat, but you are at first experience and you do not feel too safe and at that point at the time of booking you have also opted for the flotilla, so you always have support during navigation, radio contact and help to the moorings, because it could also be the first time in Ionian Greece for example. This type of holiday on a sailing boat, although it has been designed to give way to less experienced boat drivers to gain experience, should not exclude those who instead of the sea already know how to go, and simply want to be in company.


The cost of the flotilla is € 250 per week and includes:

Mooring assistance:

at every berth in port or bay you can count on our help.

Explanation of the reference nautical chart:

every morning after breakfast you will be explained the route and the risks of daily navigation.

Radio contact:

for all the information you need.

Weather information:

reading the weather report with winds and sea.


at the end of the week a certificate of participation in the flotilla will be issued.

Rent one of our sailing boats in Ionian Greece, come in flotilla and sail safely.

Sivota Bay Lefkas

Absolutely no! Browsing the flotilla and beyond, even if you rent a boat with skipper or cabin charter, if the weather does not allow navigation sailing, do not you let the mooring. It will be the head flotilla to also decide on the type of teams that has the following or the skipper. If you rented a boat in bareboat, remember that if you expected wind force 7 on the Beaufort scale is forbidden to leave the port and in case of accident insurence do not cover.

In the months of July and August we do flotillas almost every week and in other months according to the requests. On this page you will always find the updated dates of our already confirmed flotillas for the current season. According to your requests you will add others, for this if you want to flotilla and do not see the week of your interest, contact us by email or mobile and we will try to do everything possible to satisfy your request.

You are always free! If you decide to rent a boat from us and sail in the flotilla, will receive all the information on the course of the day, the various services that you will find once in port, you will be shown the bays for swimming and receive directions of the harbor or bay where there It is going to mooring. You will be always free to be in a group as long as you wish, you can decide, for example, once moored to dine with friends or on your own boat.

Surfing the flotilla is a type of cruise group. Or rather, you can rent a sailboat with your family or group of friends and decide to sail with other boats, to make friends and meet other people during the holiday. Or you may decide to do flotilla because maybe you have a boating license recently and do not have enough experience, so you feel confident and in this way following the flotilla leader, you have every morning during the briefing information for the itinerary, on the route and browse time, you have assistance during the moorings, and is in contact via vHF for every need. Or you can surf the flotilla also having booked a cruise cabin charter.

Especially for those who surf the flotilla is very useful to carry a portable VHF radio, because fixing it near the helm, it will be easier to listen to the instructions of the head of the flotilla and during the sailing, both at the time of the berth, as the vHF radio that is in the boat transmits only inside. If you have one we recommend to take it, otherwise we have a few of us to put at your disposal and you can also book at the time of confirmation of the boat, at a cost of € 15 per week.

Very common, because often after obtaining a boating license many people do not have time or way to make boating experience and find themselves the following summer to want to rent a sailing boat, but do not feel safe, feel they need to help at least the first few times. That is why we for several years in the Ionian Greece in Lefkas, organize flotillas in which support is provided both while surfing the boat when docking. We have seen that several of our clients after having rented a boat and doing our flotilla once or twice, have continued independently by simply choosing a bareboat.

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