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FAQ - frequently asked questions

In this page we have collected the main questions that you have asked us over the years and the related answers concerning the rental of our boats, with and without skipper, the flotilla and the boarding at the cabin.

Rent a boat

From what age is appropriate to bring children on a sailing holiday?

There is no age to get closer to the world of sailing, we had boat a child of seven months and a girl that her first week of charter did it at the age of 1 year and from there no longer stopped. The boat children enjoy a lot and with proper care can lead you on a cruise even from very small. If you opt for accommodation in boarding the cab was a little more tied, because you have to choose a time when there is another family with children, so you do not become bored and maybe not disturb the rest of 'crew. If you choose to rent a boat in autonomy or in bareboat or yacht with skipper, will the children to give rhythm to your holiday and are not sure how often they want to believe to stop you from making sailing holiday. Surely if quand take them by boat to swim already know or at least have no fear of the water they will enjoy more and you're probably more relaxed.

In that month starting boat rentals in Lefkada?

Us about the middle of April we already have the first boats ready for summer rental, moored at the marina of Lefkas. The charter will continue until early November.

The shops and Greek restaurants, accept credit cards or debit cards?

Of course! Typically retailers have a certain fondness for cash, but almost all accept pagamneti with credit cards or debit cards. However in case you need cash, the ATM distributors foreign tourists do not have any problem to withdraw, the limit is set by your bank. All the problems we have in the past and which has been discussed so much in the news, were reported only to the greek people.

Boat there WI-FI?

On all our boats, both sail boats from 33 feet on that catamarans, you can have the Wi-Fi on board, booking it at the time of the booking confirmation of the boat or with a certain advance of the start of the week charter. We still remember that in almost every bar you will encounter during your stay on a sailing boat in the Ionian Greece there is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi for free, asking for the password in exchange for a beer or coffee.

If I bring the car where can I park it?

If you decide to take the car, you can leave the marina right in front of where your boat is moored. You can easily download your luggage or your galley, if you brought from home without having to walk for hundreds of meters under the sun. The area is very quiet and with the flow there is, in many years of our experience there has never been any problem.

Is there air conditioning on your catamarans?

Our Lagoon 400 S2 of 2016, is equipped with air conditioning system in the cabins and in the dinet.


You have only boat with traditional mainsail, there is a particular reason?

All our sailing boats are equipped with battened mainsail, as we believe the opposite of how most people think, it is much easier to run the boat, even for inexperienced crews. Furthermore the sail yield is better and more stability to the boat especially in the case of reefed sails.

Last year I rented a boat and I suffered from heat, do you have fans?

On our sailing boats Dufour 412, Dufour 390, Dufour 460, Dufour 530 and on our Lagoon 400 S2 catamaran you will find fans installed in all cabins. On the Lagoon 400 S2 and on the Dufour 530 you also have air conditioning.

Are you outside the Marina, are there any services?

Our base is at the turistic port of Lefkas and the boats are moored in the new floating piers. We have in our office available for our customers a bathroom with shower, reserved only for you, as well as a washing machine available, in case you need to stay a few more days in the Ionian Islands.

Can we do, check in Lefkas and check out Corfu?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service, as we would then have to have another charter departing from Corfu, so our rentals are all with boarding and disembarking from Lefkas.

How many cabins does the Dufour 390 have? How many people can it accommodate?

Our brand new Dufour 390 Grand Large have 3 double cabins, each with its own private bathroom and can accommodate up to 8 people. They are available in our base in Lefkas in Ionian Greece from May to October for your sailing holidays with and without skipper.

What nautical license do I need to rent a catamaran?

For the rental of a catamaran the same type of boat license is required as for a sailboat.

Do your boats have a Greek or Italian flag?

Some of our sailing boats and catamarans have a Greek flag, others Italian but with a Greek charter license, which is essential if you want to be in compliance with Greek legislation.

What is the best time to take a cruise in the Ionian Greece?

Our boats are available for hire in Greece in Lefkas by the end of April, the clime is mild and already you are fine. It is then up to you based on what kind of cruise you want. If your priority is sailing on a sailing boat and visit the places in relaxing you can do even charter of May. If you want the confidence to take baths and go home with a nice tan, we recommend from June onwards. Of course for August rent is the busiest month. September is still very good for the charter, both the sun, tanning, diving and relaxation. October is again for lovers of sailing in a pure sailboat.

Why, among many charter companies, should we rent from you?

Well, the good reasons we believe there are:

We are the largest company charter Italian shipowner in Greece, at least until proven otherwise, yes because we are not an agency that rents boats shipowners by companies in August and then in turn rents to its customers. We have owned the boats regularly registered to hire in Greece and our season runs from late April to early November.

We show our face. Also opening our site for the first time, you can immediately see who we are, we do not put a name there and just, we are Roberto and Romina di avelecazzate.

Being a company of charter shipowner family business, because to a certain number of boats you can be able to do, then it becomes impossible, the relationship established with our clients we see reconfirmed over the years in many cases turns into friendship, there affezzioniamo and what we try to give him every time is more.

We started with a boat and now we have seven, two catamarans a rhib, this has cost many sacrifices, but also means that although their parties during the crisis years in 2007, we have strived to always give something more to our customer and they have paid off.

Your catamarans have a generator?

Yes. Our catamarans have a generator that allows to remain longer at anchor, without needing to go to the marina to charge the batteries. In addition you will never have problems, you can leave all the lights on without having to worry about battery consumption, you can take the hair dryer and use it at any time of the day, load all phones and coomputer together.

If you hire a catamaran from you, you can take my trusted skipper?

Yes, if you rent a sailboat or catamaran through our charter company, you can then entrust to your trusted boat skipper who will be responsible for the entire duration of your cruise.

The pilot book and charts are on board or do I bring him?

On our boats, both sail boats catamarans will find everything you need for navigation, pilot book and nautical charts of the area in which you are renting the boat (Ionian Greece or Italy).
You will also find another pilot's book made by us, where you'll find many other indications on the routes that we propose.

You can bring pets on your boat?

Unfortunately not! On our sailing boats, we do not host any kind of animal in any type of rental, not to rent with skipper and non to rent without skipper. This is not because we are not animal lovers, but why do we think first of all needing of spaces that of a medium sized sailing boat like ours does not seem enough. They also do not think it's fair to clients of the week next sequence, as we can not know if any animals are boarded vaccinated, healthy or whatever ... and it could always be inadvertently some hairs that could ruin the cruise to an allergic person. So we can say that at home we have different types of animals, but a cruise on a sailing boat have never done.

The boat rented we must deliver clean?

The sailboat or catamaran you have chosen for your week of charter, at the check-in is delivered clean. You are not required to return it in the same condition as they are being asked to pay for the final cleaning. Even if we appreciate that during the charter will take care as if it were your own, and there be sent back in order as far as possible. Thank you.

The sailing boats are owned by you or you make use of boats of other charter companies?

All the boats we have are our property. During high season it is possible that our are no longer available, in which case we could offer sailboats for charter companies to our colleagues of trust, but in any case it will will be told.

In Greece, what are your bases?

Our charter base is located in Marina of Lefkas, in the Ionian Greece. Here you will find our moored sailboats and catamarans owned. If you visit the page how to reach us, as well as information to reach us, you will also find in the google map the exact point where we are and the images of our mooring boats.  how to reach us    Lefkas base

Greece Ionian the harbors are expensive?

No! In Ionian Greece and in particular on the islands you will visit during your cruise from Lefkas, Meganisi, Itaka, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Kastos, Zante and many others, there are very few marine fee required, most of the ports are free and if you are asked to pay it really is just a few Euros. Surely the cost of the moorings will not be an expense that affect your week of sailing charter.

Fuel is included in the cost of the rental of the boat?

No. Like all, also our company charter does not include the price of the rental fuel. The sailboat will be delivered at check-in with a full tank of fuel and elapsed your cruise, you will have to return with a full tank.

On a sailing boat are linen or we need to get us?

On board our sailboats, you will always find the necessary linen in any type of rental. We provide our guests is renting a boat with skipper, boat without a skipper, or cabin charter: sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, tea towels for the kitchen and a beach towel each. If two or more weeks in a boat, you will be given the double change.

If I rental a boat sailing from you in Greece without skipper, since we do not know the area, you have a itinerary to offer me?

If you rent a sailboat with us in Lefkas, already at the time of booking the holiday, you set me up to plan your itinerary by boat, choosing or taking inspiration from one of those that we propose on our website, by clicking the entry Our Sailing Routes . Also at check-in as well as explain the boat all over, you'll be shown a small pilot book made by us that are offered under the chart table with the rest of the documentation necessary for the charter. During your week cruise you will see and you will find many useful information regarding navigation and mooring.

How our service galley on board?

Galley on board is a free service that we give you and makes your arrival in Lefkada, you do not need to provide for the weekly shopping, but you can set sail as soon as possible with your boat and go already primetime maybe on Meganisi.... our website, find the words galley service on board free, clicking on it opens a pdf, you download it, fill it and send it to us by email within one week from the start of your cruise.

There are supermarkets near to the port of embarkation in Lefkada?

The port of Lefkada is located practically in the city. At about 150 m there is a supermarket that in addition to delivery service directly to your boat, have Italian products and good prices. In addition to other smaller stores, the tobacconist, various restaurants, shops fruit and vegetables, marine products, souvenirs Greeks. Also the location lets you move on foot and in a few minutes you will be from the port in the center, where you will find everything you need.

Rent a boat without skipper

Your sailing boats are equipped for the moorings in the bay?

All of our sailboats and catamarans are equipped to the moorings in the bay.
They are equipped with: two ropes of 50 m for the moorings with ground ropes; a second anchor in case of need with other 50 m length of rope; Outboard rigid hull inflatable boat with more always included in the rental price in all boats of all sizes; ability to have wifi on board requesting it when booking with which you can at any time check the weather; inverter in each boat to charge phones and computers; Furthermore our catamarans is the Lagoon 421 Lagoon 400 S2 that have generator.

The supplies of water they can do frequently during the cruise?

In Ionian Greece there are no problems to stock up on water during one or two weeks of sailing charter. It would always be better not to waste, but it is also hard to think radically change the habits of their crew in a week ... At home you are used to consume without problems in quantities sometimes exaggerated, by boat you have to do a little more attention, as it is not a problem filling the tanks, but could divenatre a problem to stay dry even as you are still soapy. So we try to look at the electrical panel of the boat, where it is indicated how much is there, then once in port we fill. On the additional pilot book made by us that we have prepared for you, and that is under the chart table, the ports found indicated where you can stock up without problem.

In Ionian Greece, you can mooring in the bay?

This is just one of the positive factors to take a cruise on a sailing boat in the Ionian Greece starting from Lefkada. In Greece you can moor in the bay, anchored to the ground with ropes in peace away from the ports, enjoying the spectacle of the stars without having to pay anything.

How can I be sure that the boat that rent does not damage to the water?

If you rent a sailboat for Avelecazzate, you can rest assured, because our boats are controlled by diving every time they return from a charter, you can leave for your safe cruise.

We have to do galley including skipper?

Yes. The skipper in addition to his daily remuneration is also entitled to food, and during the week-long cruise you will spend together on a sailboat, you can decide to invite him to dinner at the restaurant if you will go there and even pay for him or otherwise to every so if you want to go without her company, you should make sure to have on board the galley for him.

What documentation is required me to to rent a boat charter in Greece?

To rent a boat charter in Greece that is> 7 m in length or having an engine power> 15 HP is required: a copy of the license and an identity document of the skipper; the crew list compiled with full name, date of birth and number of identity document of all crew members.

I have a boat license within 12 miles sailing / motor, is sufficient to rent a sailboat in Greece?

The boat license within 12 miles is sufficient to rent a sailboat in Greece, but of course we must respect the navigable limits. You 'must remain within twelve miles of the coast. Easy enough thing in Ionian Greece. Starting at the base of Lefkas, the navigation is to view and enables you to reach many islands including Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Itaka, Skorpios, Kefalonia, Corfu and visit an array of bays without any problem.

Is required boating license to rent a sailboat in Greece?

Yes! to be able to rent a sailboat in Greece in size> 7 mo with an engine power> 15 HP is required license.

We are a group of friends, only I have a boating license, if we rent a sailboat or catamaran, others will helm?

Certainly, all of your friends if they want will helm or participate in boat maneuvers, but remember that if at the time of compilation of the documents you gave your name and a copy of your sailing license for practices that are to be delivered in the captaincy during the week charter you are the responsible of the boat.

On delivery of the boat who will make us check in?

At the moment of arrival in Lefkada, when made the paperwork in captaincy for the rental, the boat will be explained in every part, as it is in our interest that you know well the boat so as not to cause damage. The so called check-in will be done by a member of our staf that really knows the boat will be hoisted up the mainsail and the jib open so that you can control both sails and checked that have no damage. When you take a boat in bareboat or without skipper charter where you are responsible and you must then answer for any damage, it is good to do a check-in really accurate.

Rent a boat with skipper

I would like a skipper only a few days, you can?

Of course! The skipper receives a daily pay + food, so its presence can be requested during your week of charter just for a few days, to get familiar with the boat and its sails and try it for yourself maybe in the the flotilla, where still it receives an aid both during the radio navigation and during the mooring of the boat. However, this is difficult in the rental periods in the high season where there is high demand.

If you rent a boat with skipper, who decides the itinerary?

If you rent a boat with skipper, you'll be offered one of our trips we offer in North, Central, South, then clearly you will have the opportunity to change it as far as possible according to your needs and weather conditions. In agreement with your skipper.


If the weather conditions are bad part is it anyway?

Absolutely no! Browsing the flotilla and beyond, even if you rent a boat with skipper or cabin charter, if the weather does not allow navigation sailing, do not you let the mooring. It will be the head flotilla to also decide on the type of teams that has the following or the skipper. If you rented a boat in bareboat, remember that if you expected wind force 7 on the Beaufort scale is forbidden to leave the port and in case of accident insurence do not cover.

Flotillas do every week in Greece?

In the months of July and August we do flotillas almost every week and in other months according to the requests. On this page you will always find the updated dates of our already confirmed flotillas for the current season. According to your requests you will add others, for this if you want to flotilla and do not see the week of your interest, contact us by email or mobile and we will try to do everything possible to satisfy your request.

If we decide to do flotilla we are obliged to be in a group even when the mooring?

You are always free! If you decide to rent a boat from us and sail in the flotilla, will receive all the information on the course of the day, the various services that you will find once in port, you will be shown the bays for swimming and receive directions of the harbor or bay where there It is going to mooring. You will be always free to be in a group as long as you wish, you can decide, for example, once moored to dine with friends or on your own boat.

What it means to surf the flotilla?

Surfing the flotilla is a type of cruise group. Or rather, you can rent a sailboat with your family or group of friends and decide to sail with other boats, to make friends and meet other people during the holiday. Or you may decide to do flotilla because maybe you have a boating license recently and do not have enough experience, so you feel confident and in this way following the flotilla leader, you have every morning during the briefing information for the itinerary, on the route and browse time, you have assistance during the moorings, and is in contact via vHF for every need. Or you can surf the flotilla also having booked a cruise cabin charter.

You can have a portable VHF radio?

Especially for those who surf the flotilla is very useful to carry a portable VHF radio, because fixing it near the helm, it will be easier to listen to the instructions of the head of the flotilla and during the sailing, both at the time of the berth, as the vHF radio that is in the boat transmits only inside. If you have one we recommend to take it, otherwise we have a few of us to put at your disposal and you can also book at the time of confirmation of the boat, at a cost of € 15 per week.

I would like to rent a boat, I have a boat license but I have not much experience

Very common, because often after obtaining a boating license many people do not have time or way to make boating experience and find themselves the following summer to want to rent a sailing boat, but do not feel safe, feel they need to help at least the first few times. That is why we for several years in the Ionian Greece in Lefkas, organize flotillas in which support is provided both while surfing the boat when docking. We have seen that several of our clients after having rented a boat and doing our flotilla once or twice, have continued independently by simply choosing a bareboat.

Boarding boat

What documents do I need to come to Greece?

To come to Greece just the Identity Card valid as part of the European Community. We always recommend that you also bring the Health Card so you can show if you require to use the hospital service or medical in general.

From the cruise boat shoes are necessary?

You must not wear real boat shoes during our cruises, simply just a couple of sneakers with white sole and only use on board, so as not to bring sand or other impurities, because then we have to lay abbronze to the same place where we walked.

It is true that on a sailboat you can not bring rigid suitcases?

Well yes! In a cruise on a sailing boat are highly recommended soft suitcases as much easy to stow also because frequently especially in the crews that are formed in boarding the cabin there are people who are at their first experience and for fear of not having all the necessary bring with it an superfluous baggage. Nothing more wrong! Remember that in a cruise on a sailing boat does not need neither high heels smoking.

How does the boat with skipper or boarding cabin?

The type of boat Rental with skipper you select the sailing boat that best suits your needs, for example if you are a group of four / five friends a boat with three cabins as might be the Bavaria 38 and Bavaria 40 and will have a skipper at your disposal, which as far as possible try to accommodate your requests, you can choose the cruise itinerary, for example, or decide when to leave the mooring in the morning or decide to stay two days in the bay, you will be free to design the your vacation sailing measure.

In the type of Boarding the cabin you purchase a boat cabin. That is with you there will be other people who will know only when boarding and beginning of the cruise. During the week by boat, you will share the management of the galley, the reorganization of the boat, the kitchen, divide your expenses and you will make new friends. Together you will decide if small itinerary changes will all agree, even if the route has been already decided.

Is my first sailing experience, the Ionian Greece is very windy?

Absolutely no! We have chosen as a naval base for our own charter Ionian Greece departing from Lefkada, precisely because it is an area that lends itself to navigation on a sailing boat even for those without a lot of rental experience, or for those who want to try this type of vacation while having no cruise experience by boat. The stretch of sea in which we sail sailing during your week in a boat, surrounded by islands and this makes it very well repaired as far as the sea. Usually in the morning the wind is absent, he gets up in the early afternoon until evening, and when the sun slowly calms down, too.

What is meant by boarding the cabin?

Cabin boarding is the solution in which each participant or couple buy a cabin on a boat with other people plus the skipper. Know new people, they divide your expenses and you divide the tasks.

The cruise on a sailing boat is also indicated for those who have no boating experience?

Of course! You do not need any sailing experience to go on a cruise on a sailing boat with skipper or cabin charter, but indeed it may be the best way to get closer to sailing.

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